let’s start… 

well, this post may be confusing to some, but if you use your head, you will be able to understand, because this post will be quite small.

Harry has a tattoo, which says ”17BLACK”: 


…and the football shirt of Louis was number 17, and with the same letters of Harry’s tattoo. 


okay, and lastly, think with me: the louis’ number in the x factor was 155204. And… 1+5+5+2+0+4 = 17. 

this can be a bit confusing, but understand: this is a logical.



xD read read read


"Diretioners be like: a b c d e f g why won’t Harry have sex with me?
Larry shippers be like: h i j k l m n o p because he wants Louis’ D
Elounor shippers be like: q r s t u v um he’s straight why can’t you see?
Chill people be like: w x y z please calm down, seriously.
Harry Styles be like: Um I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s not exactly how the alphabet goes.”